Monday, March 12, 2007

Sideling Hill

"The Sideling Hill road cut is a 340-foot deep road cut where Interstate 68 cuts through Sideling Hill, about 6 miles west of Hancock in Washington County, Maryland. It is notable as an impressive man-made mountain pass, visible from miles away and one of the best rock exposures in Maryland and indeed in the entire northeastern[1] United States. Almost 810 feet of strata in a tightly folded syncline are exposed in this road cut. Although other exposures may surpass Sideling Hill in either thickness of exposed strata or in quality of geologic structure, few can equal its combination of both. There is an Exhibit Center to help provide the public with a better understanding of the geology of the cut. A pedestrian walkway bridge crosses I-68 for better access to the cut, along with a picnic area and rest area facilities." from Maryland DNR The website is

Soil levels

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The Huntington Garden, CA

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Finally I can see grass, green and brown grass, and my mind wonders about the brown spots. Is it a disease, fungi, insects, thatch, any of those new conditions we just learned or are the weeds just dormant? We have learned so much and I wonder if I can remember and apply all that information when the grass starts to grow.

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