Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Bulbs.

Seems time to restart this blog since finally, after the long winter (not over yet - might still get snow) a smattering of bulbs have bloomed.

The Galanthus were first up, in mid-March.

Then the Crocus started to bloom during the first week of April. This is two weeks later than I've previously recorded their bloom. But it must have been tough to get through the heavy Easter snows.

The first week of April the crocus looked great but now are all gone:( They can take the cold so what happened? I wonder if the warmth, 73 degrees, of last Tuesday was too much for them? Or could it be that as I raked the oak leaves off of them I damaged them somehow?

These crocus usually bloom for at least three weeks and I miss them already and now have to wait for another year. Happily some daffodils are ready to pop!