Saturday, March 10, 2007

More on Hellebores

If you find the post "Assignment" wherein I queried about Hellebores you will see that we got one "outsider" post from Barry Glick in WV. If you click on 'comment' then 'glickster' then under blogs, 'Hellebores,' you will find cultural info about Hellebores. If you click on sunfarm you go to a web site selling flowers, I think. Need to explore it more when I have time, but it looks interesting. And there is more than Hellebores. Thanx, Barry.

Missed quiz

Aha, a way to see if I can get the quiz I missed. After the Basic Botany , Plant Physiology class I forgot to pick up the quiz sheet. If anyone would please scan a copy of the quiz and bring it to the next class I would sure appreciate it. All winter long nothing to do, now everything is going on. I even see some flower bulbs peeking above my mulch testing the air, and thank goodness my garlic survived the winter. And last but not least I think I am going to make it too. I hope my head don`t explode after the next class, it has not worked this
hard since I retired. Looking forward to the next class.