Friday, March 2, 2007

Online classmate

Welcome to Cara, our online classmate!
It would be nice if some of you would introduce yourselves and your interests as we did in class.
I'm Susan and I have garden envy for all of our classmates with - would you believe it -acreage! My lot is 55 x 180 and the garden patch must only be a third of that, what with house, garage, driveway and veggie garden. I suppose that counts as garden but that's the hubbie's not mine; I just pick 'em...
Cara, what is your garden passion or madness, as the case may be?

Gardening with houseplant scale

Here's the info on that:
  • plants outside last summer
  • sprayed w/Safer soap upon bringing them in
  • forgot 'em except watering thru holidays
  • Jan. comes and EEK - scales!
  • Hudson said at interview to spray again w/Safer
  • been spraying weekly since
  • leaf-drop stopped after 2nd spraying
  • still spraying and hoping
  • one 4 ft. Ficus and one 6 ft. Schefflera
  • next year I will use Di Syston as recommended by lecturer Jackie
  • let you know how they turn out