Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was surprised that after this cold spell and freezing temperatures my clump of daffodils have uprighted themselves and look about 85% ok. They were covered at one time by about 10" of snow and I thought they were all history.
I also want to share this brand new website I listen to his talk show In The Garden on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9 AM.
He has practical advice for the current conditions in our area.
Also check out Gardening by the Bale information. I want to try it this year and plant a few tomatoes and peppers while giving the garden a rest from these plants.
Susan the websites you shared with us are very nice, so much info to check out.
Time to work on my test, they seem to get longer and more confusing

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Susan said...

Hi Monica,
My remaining daffs have popped up too. I'm not sure the bloodroot will flower though some buds have brown on the edges and they have yet to reopen. The older Chionodoxa (aka Glory of the Snow)I have seem ok but a newer variety is limp and may not upright itself. Perhaps with higher temps; here's hoping.
I went to the Ron Wilson website and read a bit about the bale method. It looks like fun; my only concern would be any weed seeds in the bale - did he address this?
Let us know if you try it. What you will plant and how you make out.
Thanks for the website; it looks promising and needs more exploring but alas my test awaits...